Reuse. Recycle. Relove. 

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Global challenges require massive involvement 

We generate 1.3 billion tons of landfill waste annually, set to reach 2.2 billion tons by 2025. To visualize, it would take 66 million trucks circling the Earth 27,000 times. 

Easely is a social marketplace that fosters circularity by empowering communities for sustainable consumption.

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Why community members should join Easely?

Earn money

Make money making your items available for rental or second hand selling, or making available your skills and time to the community

Save money

Rent an item for a few € instead of buying it for more. Temporary use is also the perfect way to try an item.

Save time

Don't loose any more your time searching for an item or a service close you you, surfing tens of fragmented marketplace 

Make an impact

Easely will donate part of the profit to societal and environmental projects. You'll choose where donate!